Deed not Words: 314 mile trek to help Boston – MISSION COMPLETE!!!

ABC Men Inc.’s volunteers completed the mission to help the seniors and disabled in Massachusetts. Six volunteers from ABC Men Inc. left Philadelphia at 6:30am on Friday (March 6th) to embark on an eight hours Road trip to Boston, Brockton, and Dorchester MA. After hours of free snow removal for the seniors and disabled there, volunteers arrived back to Philadelphia around 3:30am on Saturday (March 7th). We helped seniors and the disabled unbury their cars from the mass snow (6 feet) and shoveled sidewalks, steps, and etc. There were many happy seniors and disabled. Thanks to the additional volunteers from the Brockton Police Department and its Housing Unit staffs. Please see a few pictures below.



2015 First Snow

ABC Men Inc. came to the aid of two seniors and disabled and removed snow
from sidewalks and stairs through its Free Snow Removal Services.  Request
from one of the senior.

“Hello, we already registered for the snow removal last year being over
65 and disabled, and wanted to refresh as told by Jackie when I
called. …… is in the hospital with prostate cancer (incurable) for
2 weeks now and has kidney damage. Hopefully will be home to rest
soon.  It is very difficult for me also, as I have lymphoma(Non-Hodgkins &
Leukemia). I strain just to visit him at the hospital but manage.
Thank you so much for your services and God Bless You.”